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So what exactly do you give as a gift for the man who has everything?

It isn't easy to get something memorable on a yearly basis and just like you i had this problem with my fiancee and it would drive me literally insane at times. It was then that i decided to think outside of the box a little, perhaps to push the boundaries of his comfort zone a little. The result? Well a very happy and surprised fiancee for one, but also i was able to compile a list of the most exciting and unusual gifts for men who have everything the internet has to offer and which i am more than happy to share with you, dear reader. As you can see from the brief selection below i've scoured the web to bring you a truly unique list and if you don't spot anything there, then please feel free to use the links at the top of this page to narrow down your search and view a broader selection of gifts from each category.

We all know at least one man who seems to have everything, you know the type, they have every gadget, toy, game or clothing item going, which whilst it is great for them, it can prove to be hell for those of us who have to pick out gifts for them whatever the occasion, whether it be a birthday, christmas or even just a spur of the moment surprise. Traditional presents for the man who has everything such as a new necktie just won't cut it these days, sure they may smile and say thank you but it's not what they really want. A keen golfer may receive many different golf shirts as gifts and whilst they are certainly nice and much appreciated, it's when you look in said mans wardrobe or chest of drawers and find it stuffed with perfectly good golf shirts that you realise he's probably just being polite. And so it goes on and on. Gifts for men who have it all can become a huge problem after all if it seems that he has everything he needs, what exactly can we get him that will genuinely surprise and delight him?

One of the best ways to start is to make a list of his likes, dislikes, hobbies and sports interests. Once this list is made, you will have a good idea of areas of interest where you could draw suitable gift ideas from, now start checking off the possibilities, item by item. Highlight the ones of special interest, making notes as to what might be good additions to his interests in that area. Then narrow it down further, using whatever criteria you like, possible criteria include price, how long the gift will last, how often the gift will be enjoyed or utilised i.e. is it a one time use gift or will he continue to get use out of it for many years, eventually you will be able to see what you're left with which will give you a good basis and understanding of what kind of gift you should seek. If you're still not satisfied with your final choice, you can always resort to "the book". Whilst it may seem to be a common gift, even for the man who has everything it's unlikely they have every single book! Simply choose a theme for the book based on the list you have already drawn up, just make sure that they haven't already read it. Not only do books make great additions to the book cases you see around his house and act as a focal point for conversations, but they can also be shared with other men who have everything, discussed with friends, re-read and referred to as a point of reference. They are a great source of quasi-knowledge, and reading them gives the men who have everything an apparent authoritarianism that can be socially rewarding.

Some of my favourite gifts are in the form of experience days, if you're not sure what these are then basically they are days out themed around a specific event or interest, for example you can get days out driving a ferrari and off roading a 4x4, or sporting days out whereby you get to enjoy the expert tuition of a professional player. For me these are by far some of the best gifts for men who have everything as they can offer a truly unique experience in a wide variety of areas of interest, so you're certain to find something suitable for that special man. They also come in adventure sports variety's such as bungee jumping, sky diving, paint balling and even spy academy which is great, i surprised my fiancee with this and he absolutely loved it, one of the best days of his life so he tells me, and i have to admit that seeing the smile on his face when he returned from it was more than worth it. He's even planning on returning there with some friends and work colleagues, result i say!

What's that i hear, you still can't find anything suitable as gifts for men who have everything? What if you're at your wits end and no reasonable idea has emerged? What if time is running out and you have a million other things to do besides worrying about finding that special gift? If you find yourself in this lamentable situation, I suggest you go back to your original list and look again at the highlighted special interests and the notes you have written. Force yourself to pick an area that would be of most interest to him. Then, having made that decision, buy him a gift certificate that can be applied to an item of his choice in that area. You can't really go wrong with this, however i do feel gift certificates are something of a cop out as, albeit it in a very nice way, you have shifted the burden of choice from yourself to the man who has everything. However when we have so many great gifts listed on this site we're sure you will find that something special to give to the man in your life.